My kids LOVE skate camp!! But I have to say, as a mom, I love it as much as they do, because Coach Chris is AMAZING. He noticed right away that my 6-year-old son was crying from nervousness, & he talked to him right away with the kindest voice & encouraging words. And when my 9-year-old daughter froze with fear before the first lesson, he took the time with her to chat reassuringly & then help her on the side on her own. The first 30 minutes was rough for my kids, but Coach Chris was right there supporting them. My 11-year-old was excited but inexperienced, & Chris gave her such great feedback. And when I came to pick them up, they all wanted to show me what they had learned, & my son said he wanted to come everyday! 🙂 Thank you to Chris, Luke, & Gabe for making this such a fantastic experience for skaters of every skill level!! <3

Happy Mom!